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Semi-Private Swim Lessons: $40

Semi-Privates are typically one instructor for 2-3 children. These are considered to be group lessons for the majority of the time. The instructor teaches a group of swimmers with similar levels of experience.

Occasionally, depending on the amount of children signed up, a Semi-Private lesson may consist of only one child and one instructor.

Private Swim Lessons: $45

Privates are typically one instructor for one child. These are considered to be one-on-one lessons.The instructor teaches an individual swimmer with one-on-one  professional technique work which corresponds with the swimmers level of experience.

All lessons consist of 8, 30 minutes session for a period of two weeks.
Example: Week 1, Mon-Thurs & week 2, Mon-Thurs for 30 Minutes each day (unless stated differently at sign-up)