Aquatics Center

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In May 2007, the construction of the VISD Aquatics Center was voted in through the VISD School Board. It wasn't until October 2010 that the VISD Squatics Ceter was fully opperational and open to the public.

The Aquatics Center has hosted championship competitions through UIL and TAAF every year since its inception.

The VISD Aquatics Center is an indoor training facility open to the public all year long.

Facility Overview


Lap Swim

We have a total of 12 lanes specifically reserved for lap swimmers. These lanes are very carefully monitored to ensure that lap swimmers are able to swim without disruptions.

Open Swim

Open Swimmers have access to the entire pool, apart from the designated lap swim areas and shallow pool*. Open Swim areas include but are not limited to diving boards, diving well, shallow pool, and our middle pool. 


Since the V.I.S.D. Aquatics Center is a competition facility, the depth of the pool may be an issue to some guests. The Competition Pool is 7ft-7.5ft deep, the Middle Pool is 7.5ft-8ft deep, and the diving well is 8ft-13ft deep. (The pool slopes from 7ft to 13ft).

Diving Boards

We have two Olympic size 1 meter springboards of which are monitored closely for safety concerns. They are located in our Diving Well which is 13ft deep.

 *The shallow pool is used for swimming lessons only.